Economist World in Figures v4.0.16 (Subscribed) Premium Apk

World In Figures Mod Subscribe Apk
World In Figures Premium Apk

•A data-rich compendium of country indices and rankings on the economy and society
•Our intellectually-addictive Factquest quiz game and a new Fact of the Day every morning
•A country comparison tool, Chartmaker, that lets you create your own charts from the data
•New content from The Economist newspaper, updated weekly
•Free to download with access to country data, rankings and the Factquest quiz game to non-subscribers

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Economist World in Figures app with the Factquest quiz game is a fun, data-rich reference guide for the businessperson, educator and stats geek alike. It teems with indicators on 190 countries, as well as dozens of rankings ranging from birth rates and patents to Nobel prize winners and GDP. The Factquest quiz game tests your knowledge of worldly stats. The Fact of the Day lets you start each morning a bit smarter. And data-driven articles from The Economist are updated weekly.

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  • Economist World in Figures Screenshot



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