Social Media Monitoring Course

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Social media monitoring online conversations is the first step to an effective social media management. Learn to listen online in our NEW social media training course at social media monitoring.

You can’t build a smart social media strategy if you don’t know where your customers are. Learn how to use social monitoring tools to find the hot pockets of conversation and meet you customers on their own turf. Master the art and science of social media monitoring and strike where the iron is hot!

Learn social media monitoring for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Craigslist, Blogs, Forums and News using free social media monitoring tools and services.

Learn to use social media tools to conduct content curation and find online influencers. You’ll even see a live demonstration of Radian6 and hear how the instructor used this premium service to calculate the ROI of Obama’s Cairo speech.

Get this online social media monitoring course today and start engaging your customers and advocates in high-relevance, buyer-oriented conversations


Who this course is for:
Sale Professionals
Customer Service Representatives
Product Development Specialists
Public Relations Professionals
Human Resources

What you will learn

Key concepts and techniques of keyword phrase filtering
How to research and validate the right keyword phrases to monitor
Google Related Searches, Google More Like This and Google Insights for Search
How to find online influencers and build lists
How to curate content from your social media monitoring dashboard
Benefits and drawbacks of monitoring with Google Alerts
How to share your social media monitoring dashboard with your colleagues or clients
The Future of Social Media Monitoring
Shortcomings of Rich Text Analytics
And much, much more
Facebook monitoring strategies
Twitter monitoring strategies
Linkedin monitoring strategies

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