Snap Search v5.3 Premium Mod Apk

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Snap Search Mod Apk

Snap Search premium is a feature rich browser in permanent incognito mode with the best quick search engines for Android:
⚡️ FIRST Private Browser that asks for ZERO permissions
⚡️ Inbuilt Ad Blocker
⚡️ Inbuilt Tracker Blocker
⚡️ One Tap Private Bookmarks
⚡️ Private Browser with VPN & Proxy
⚡️ 50+ Search Engines to Quick Search Websites
⚡️ Floating Private Browser
⚡️ Secure Reader Mode for Websites
⚡️ Secure Dark Mode for Websites
⚡️ Edit Websites
⚡️ Download & Save Web Pages Offline
⚡️ Home Screen Widgets
⚡️ So much more…

Snap Search Premium Subscription

Designed as an Android Incognito Browser, Snap Search has an inbuilt Ad Blocker, Tracker Blocker and VPN Support with more than 50 Search Engines to help you quick search better than ever before!

We support quick search for more than 50 of the worlds most famous, popular and most visited websites and top search engines. Select your website and search in just 1 tap. We also boast of the largest list of top Search Engines for Android

We don’t ask for critical permissions like Location or Accounts like other browsers like Chrome, Duck Duck Go, Firefox, Brave etc. This prevents others from accessing it through us as well.

Cookies, History, Cache Storage and even Javascript trackers have been turned off on the browser by default.

Browse websites, watch videos, stream content or do anything while using other apps with floating private browser for Android!

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Snap Search Premium Mod

  • All Premium Features Enabled
  • VPN Enabled
  • Theme Enabled
  • And Much More

You can truly edit the content of any website you visit, while still staying hidden in the Super Incognito Mode.

Browse any website in a beautiful dark mode while maintaining private search and still staying safe and secure in incognito mode.

Remove unnecessary distractions and read your content in peace while keeping private search and staying safe and secure in incognito mode.

Stored offline on your device, 100% secure search and 100% quick search.


Snap Search: Incognito Browser
Snap Search: Incognito Browser
Price: Free

Download Snap Search Incognito Browser & Secure Search Premium Apk


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