SEO Guru – Guide to Mobile and Regional Promotion

SEO Guru 2018 is a new guide to SEO optimization of the mobile version of the site, website promotion in voice search and features of regional website promotion. The book widely covers the main problems of these types of promotion, is equipped with practical examples and directions. The guide is suitable for beginners in the field of promotion and promotion, as well as for experienced veterans of search engine optimization sites.

What is this book about? SEO Guru 2018 is a book about optimizing and promoting a mobile version of a site. The characteristic shortcomings of the mobile versions of most sites are examined and ways to overcome them are indicated. The ranking factors of mobile sites are considered, practical steps for achieving TOPs of search engines are indicated.

Why is it so important to promote mobile versions of sites?. Already today, more than 55% of online purchases are made from mobile devices, in the future this share will grow. In a few years, mobile traffic will account for 2/3 of all search queries.

It is obvious that today you need to invest in website optimization for mobile devices. And this is due not only to the growth of the market, but also to the increasing concentration of attention on mobile sites by search engines. For example, Google is already introducing the Mobile First Index – i.e. Google’s index (cache) will now consist of mobile rather than desktop versions of the site. Accordingly, all ranking factors will be calculated (including for the desktop) based on the mobile version.

What else is useful in the book?Very interesting is the chapter on regional website promotion. In fact, this topic is closely related to mobile SEO, since about 70% of requests from a smartphone are geo-dependent. This section discusses the factors of regional (local) ranking of 2018 and the step-by-step procedure for promoting the resource.

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