Physics Formulas 3 Paid APK

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Physics Formulas 3 Paid APK

Physics Formulas has been developed and released to help users quickly refer to any Physics formulas for their study and work. This app displays most popular as well as advanced formulas in seven categories:
– Mechanics
– Electricity
– Thermal physics
– Periodic motion
– Optics
– Atomic physics
– Constants

This app has all functions to help users use the app conveniently 
– Tools: users can input data and the app will calculate some popular physics problems.
– Supporting multiple languages: it’s the best to read in your mother language as well as in English to expand your language skills. In this version, there are 15 languages: English, Vietnamese, Chinese (Trad/Simp), Turkish, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Persian, Italian, Hindi and Arabic.
– Favorite folder: save frequently used formulas in a Favorite folder to quickly access to them.
– Sharing: touch and share a formula to friends via message, email or Facebook.
– Searching: users can type key words in top of the screen to quickly find a formula.
– Add your own formulas or notes in “Favorite” section.
– Add your own customized tools in “Tools” section (unlimited number of formulas and variables for Full version).

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