Helium Music Manager 13.6.15169.0 Premium Edition Is Here

Helium Music Manager is a music cataloger, tag editor, cd ripper, audio converter, mp3 and flac analyzer, duplicate finder, player and music scrobbler – all in one. It’s a little bit of everything. It’s free. Get more from your music collection.
Helium has everything you need!
Why mess with a lot of different tool for cataloging, tagging, playing or renaming files when you only need one?
Getting started with Helium is very easy – simply install it and then import your digital audio files. After the initial import is done you can start to browse your collection using all various browse mode and work with all powerful tools that are included. Quickly use the powerful search capabilities to locate specific artists, albums or tracks. Adjust and correct data of your files and manage your album and artist pictures in a batch.
Helium offers many quick and simple operations to handle your music collection, but it does not stop there. You can also interact with Helium via its scripting API. The scripting API allows you to execute specific operations via c# scripts to tracks, artists and albums in your collection.
Big collections – no problems!
We have designed Helium to be useful with collections ranging from small collections to large collections with several hundred thousands of tracks. Due to it’s scalable design you can easily migrate from the default database enging to more powerful engines like SQL Server or MySql, stored either locally on the same machine as Helium or a remote machine for the optimal multi-user support.

Support for multiple database types for the ultimate scaling for small and large collections.
Different tag editors with multiple capabilities. Support for quick editing whilst viewing.
Download pictures and information, convert files, automatically rename files and much more.
Modern user interface
Browse your collection in various ways to quick and easily find what you are looking for. Dark or light themes available.
Play music through playlists and use visualization plug-ins for the optimal experience.
Automate multiple tasks with Helium’s script engine. Create your own tasks and run in batches.
v13.6.15169.0 (2018-12-30)
  • This version comes with a few bug fixes and minor improvements.
v13.6.15158.0 (2018-12-22)
  • The major goal with Helium 13.6 is SQLite optimizations. We have therefore focused on optimizing the functions which has resulted in huge speed improvements when working with SQLite. The most of the optimizations also applies to other database types.
  • Support for word replacements in the Find duplicates tool. It is possible to define a list of words that should be replaced when the tool is executed. For example feat. shall always be replaced with ft. so that “The Prodigy feat. Other artist” shall be treated as a 100% match with “The Prodigy ft. Other artist”. This setting is accessed from the Settings button the the Find duplicates tool.
  • It is possible to remap picture paths stored in the database if the source folder is moved. The tool can be accessed from Tools > Options > Picturesand by clicking the Remap button for the picture type that shall be remapped.
  • Support for new fields in subtracks:
    • Lyricist
    • Language
    • All custom fields
    • Lyrics
  • Possibility to optimize SQLite databases (index de-fragmentation and compressing)
  • Column sorting in track lists are preserved during sessions. This also applies on sortings made with multiple columns by pressing shift whilst clicking the column.
  • Corrections to picture handling when updating pictures (SQLite)
  • The Action manager can now remove attached pictures.
  • Optimizations when parsing multiple artists. During reading and writing of tracks.
  • Corrections to displaying of item type for albums with subtracks.
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