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Edge Diagrammer 6.52 (build 2122)  released 2017-02-04
EDGE Diagrammer is an old-style simple diagramming tool. With its relatively outdated resources performs an essential job but accurate and useful for those who have few needs (otherwise it is better to use more complex programs like EDraw Max !)
EDGE lets you define “styles” using hundreds of predefined drag-and-drop shapes and arrowheads. Save your styles in diagram templates to establish your own diagramming methods. EDGE Diagrammer comes with complete flowcharting templates, network diagramming templates, block diagrams, org charts, and more to get you started.
 The program’s workspace is especially designed for your ease, comfort, productivity, and enjoyment. Simple but old-style powerful toolbars and menus keep the most frequent tasks handy. Objects most common to a specific type of diagram are available with one click from the style bar on the left of the screen. And the screen itself shows you just what you need, exactly as it will print.
EDGE Diagrammer can create flowcharts and similar diagrams with minimal effort. As you draw your diagram, EDGE Diagrammer connects lines to figures and attaches labels to lines. It remembers these relationships and adjusts automatically when you move objects around. It can also adjust the size of a shape when you add text to it.
Includes pre-defined shapes and symbols organized in the Figure Symbol Gallery and several  pre-defined diagram templates.
Support image raster (PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF) and vector format (WMF, EMF)
While direct PDF output is not supported, you can produce PDF files using a PDF printer driver like Fineprint PDF factory pro.
Disclaimer: all versions from 6.45 to 6.52 differs only for 18 to 26 not significant bytes… so there could not have been any substantial improvement in the various versions and that probably the recent changelog is a fake-changelog:
    v. 6.52 (build 2122) 02/04/18  –  Technical improvements
    v. 6.51 (build 2121) 01/04/18  –  Technical improvements
    v. 6.50 (build 2120) 11/30/17  –  Technical improvements
    v. 6.49 (build 2119) 9/04/17  –  Technical improvements
    v. 6.48 (build 2118) 6/28/17  –  Technical fixes
    v. 6.47 (build 2117) 4/17/17  –  Technical improvements
    v. 6.46 (build 2116) 2/25/17  –  Windows 10 compatibilities  – minor technical improvements.
Among other things, is always proposed same help file (Edge.chm) from year 2012  !!
OS: Win XP or later
Trial limitations and restrictions: The trial is for 30 days evaluation only. While it contains all functions and features of the full version, it will not allow you to create large complex diagrams, plus it will add a tiny note on printed output that will not appear on the full version.
Fix v 6.52 (search & replace patch; try if works also with next versions):
pass:  nsane

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