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Dr. Folder

Dr. Folder lets you mark folders with color-coded and image-coded icons in one mouse click, making folders easy to find. You can change the icon from the context menu of the selected folder, or from the program using its simple interface and tools. With Dr. Folder, you can replace the icon of a single folder, or change the icon of multiple folders at once, change the system default icon, restore the default icon, add your own icons to the built-in library and customize the Dr. Folder context menu to your preferences.

Dr. Folder allows you to:

  1. Apply different icons to individual folders in one mouse click
  2. Easily change the folder icon from system context menu
  3. Replace the system-defined standard folder icon, which is used by Windows to display each folder on your computer
  4. Search for icons on your computer
  5. Copy icon to the current folder to make your folder icons independent from icon source files (that allows you to move or copy your customized folders anywhere even to another computer! Your folders will be the look exactly as you specified)
  6. Rebuild the system icon cache to repair incorrect icon images
  7. Add your favorite icons to the user icon list to access them faster
  8. Convert icon from PNG, BMP, JPG or GIF file

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