Computer Networking Beginners Guide [Ebook]

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Do you know the fundamentals of computer networking? Do you have an interest in learning configuration of a LAN? Do you want to know how to keep your network safe? You are in the right place because…
Computer Networking Beginners Guide covers the following topics in a simple, easy-to-follow teaching approach:
Introduction to Computer Networking – This chapter considers the needs of a real beginner in computer networking and covers the following crucial topics: components and classifications of computer networks, network architecture, physical topology, etc.
The Basics of Network Design – How to configure an office LAN. This chapter gives to the reader the heads up with regards to the network features and the various responsibilities of network users.
Wireless Communication Systems – How a computer network can be optimized by taking off its hardware and software, how to enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi technology, how to set up and configure a computer for wireless connectivity. There also is an introduction to CISCO Certification Guide.
Network Security – This chapter covers the most common computer network threats and offers fundamental guidelines on how to steer clear of such menaces.

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Hacking Network – Basics of hacking in computer networking, definitions, different methods of cybercrimes and an introduction to ethical hacking.
Different Hacking Methods – Various hacking methods that could put your own computer at risk, such as malware, keylogger, trojan horses, ransomware, etc. There is also an introduction to the concept of social engineering.
Working on a DoS attack – One of the attacks that a hacker is likely to use to help get into their target’s computer is a denial of service attack or DoS attack. This chapter analyzes how this attack works.
Keeping Your Information Safe – In conclusion, this book describes some of the steps that we can take to keep our wireless network safe and some of the things that a hacker can potentially do, in order to get into our websites.

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