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Download Android Bulk SMS Sender Crack Patch Working Is Unique software for sending SMS, as it supports an unlimited number of phones for sending messages. All connected mobile phones are automatically detected by him. Send SMS via PC. Send SMS to individuals or a list of phone numbers. Download contact numbers from file. Provides the ability to send SMS using delayed delivery options.


Android Bulk SMS Senderis Patch Activator a tool to send multiple SMS from multiple Android phones to the same platform at the same time. You can send thousands of SMS from your PC via connected Android phones. You need to install the Android & Desktop SMS Sender Modem application on your phone to connect to Android Bulk SMS Sender. You can import the contact list from files (Excel and text files) on your computer or you can enter contacts manually. You can send SMS to any recipient number without any restrictions from the software. Android Bulk SMS Sender allows you to send INTERNATIONAL SMS AVAILABLE with the ability to add a country code as a prefix for mobile numbers. Android sender SMS also allows you to configure SMS with many fields, such as (mobile phone number, name, etc.). Allows you to select a mobile phone number from all connected mobile phones through which you want to send SMS from a PC. Android Bulk SMS Sender includes many features, such as a delay in sending SMS. Android Bulk SMS Sender sends SMS from a computer to a mobile phone.



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